Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Surfing USA - Wow am I Old!

Well, we did it. We went surfing. It was awesome. Jason and I tag team parented with the kids. I went for the first 2 hours, then with a totally cool high five... we traded boards/kids.

Please note, that is Jason in the photo... and yes, he is inches from the snorkeling dude... and the snorkeling dude just barely ducks out of your way... secretly hoping you are about to lose your wedding band because just under the surface he is wielding a metal detector that has detected him almost 200 wedding rings in the last 2 years!!

I admit, I felt very old/flabby/boring/uncool when I showed up for my lesson. I was extremely nervous when my lesson partner showed up... a 56 year old balding dude named "Dave" from Oklahoma. Does Oklahoma even have an ocean? I was extremely worried the old guy would be better than me, with his pasty skin and his extremely dense chest hair. Happily, I was able to hold my own for the duration of the class.

My instructor, "Dylan" referred to me as "Brrraoo" (you know, "Bro" or "Brother"). I wasn't sure whether to be flattered or insulted, but eventually I realized he was just unable to retain my name in his mind. Nevertheless, I did enjoy his truly easygoing surfer style. I tried not to correct him when I would return to him after a failed surf attempt and he would say... "Whoa Brraooo, that ride was totally wicked!! Totally better than the one before". Like, Hello, I did not even stand up that time... I just paddled, missed the wave, and came back. Don't get me wrong, I really like my instructor, he was a stereotypical surfer dude and I appreciated his ongoing praise of my skills. A girl likes flattery... ALWAYS.

Needless to say, the area we surfed in was extremely rocky/corally (probably not a word... but you get the picture) and SHALLOW. It was also extremely busy and we were attempting to surf next to about 30 other newbie with instructors. Several times we would literally play bumper boards... at one point, a teenage girl actually had her hands touching down on my board while still standing on hers and I was doing my best not to totally wipe out and take the both of us out (ha ha, I think I am finally using that term in its original form).
Those lessons were a couple days ago, but my carefully aged to perfection body has informed me that throwing myself into a surfing lessons, and reliving my lifeguarding days is no longer a valid option. Don't get me wrong, I still have some muscles in my body, and every one of them has been screaming at me since Monday morning. In fact, my shoulders were aching so much on Tuesday morning, I almost couldn't get Cecilia out of the playpen in the morning.

Since the lesson, we have been taking it easy with fun days on the beach, playing in the condo pool,  and zipping up the coast for some sightseeing. Hoping to rent a board and get out again soon. In the meantime, a pic of Jason proving that Crossfit does keep you nimble enough to throw your 3 year old in the air after surfing lessons,   and a gratuitous shot of the my little Monkey, who learned how to climb onto the pool chair and open the Camera bag while I am photographing to other two...

"Look what I found Mama - is this important or breakable?"

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