Saturday, September 22, 2012

Honourable Mentions - Lets Spend some $$ Edition

Since a few people have been asking for specifics on our trip to Maui, I thought I would post a couple of our favourite things and places in Maui... This first installment shall be deemed the "Things that cost Money" section. Also, things that make my beautiful family smile section... 

First off, I might as well mention our condo itself. It really was perfectly delightful. It was a loft style condo with 2 bathrooms that easily could have fit 6 people. I think it could be doable with 2 friendly couples even. It was more that enough room for the 4 of us. The owners were really nice and the agency in charge was also generally quite helpful. While technically it does have an ocean view, it is not that "romantic" view of the ocean... but we can see it. We are also West facing, so we do catch the sunset. It is also a 4 minute walk to a nice beach for gorgeous views and even swimming (although we only swam there once. It is in the heart of Kihei, very safe area... both locals and tourists in the building... it really was a great place. Here is one link to the condo, the photos do it justice!
My in-laws also stayed in a condo in the same building... smaller place, but also very nice.

Alright, maintaining the theme of what you spend money on... allow me to quickly address some restaurants. First off, we used both the Maui Revealed book
But, we also stumbled across the following food blog , and actually picked up a copy of their 2012 Maui Restaurant Review
Both have been very handy. Some of our favourite restaurants have been as follows (and in no order):

Threes in Kihei - yummy and just enough ambient noise to make it good for little kids. 
Star Noodle in Lahaina - AWESOME... totally loved it as a foodie and a parent. Off the beaten track in Lahaina but totally worth it. Really not to be missed in my opion
Coconuts in Kihei - really tasty and quick food. GREAT fish burgers and fish tacos!! 
Flatbread Company in Paia - quite possibly the yummiest pizza on earth. Completely loved this place!!
Aina Gourmet Market - really great service the first time through, not as good the second time, but it still has some interesting foodie items to bring home on the plane, and sells some fabulous baked goods. I absolutely adored the French Toast here... but not the way you are all picturing French Toast... There was also a lovely Koi pond the girls really liked, and the resort itself is worth a look. Gorgeous and PRICEY!
Two great sandwich places 808 Deli in Kihei and No Ka Oi Deli in Lahaina. Pretty comparable, more inexpensive sandwich places and great to take out and bring to the beach. Nowhere to sit in either places... but great food and quick service.

The Old Lahaina Luau was really a special experience too. From what I have heard, it is one of the more expensive ones on the island, but it is all inclusive of alcohol and buffet. The only cash we left behind was for our server, Jerry, who was engaging and helpful with a table full of picky kids. The Luau is operated by the same company as the next door restaurant called the Aloha Mixed Plate. We ate at the mixed grill the same day we purchased the tickets for the Luau. It is very reasonably priced and has a gorgeous view of the ocean. Lots of traditional fare and quick service. Not the best food I have ever had, but not terrible either. 

Ok, this is getting to be a lengthy post, but on to the next part... when Jason's family came, we did have family portraits done. The photographer, Kyndra Chronister, was very affordable and very nice. We found out about her when her husband approached us on the beach to sell her services. On an island full of things to spend money on, Jason and I can appreciate the efforts they went to in order to garner our business. We also checked in with several other more established photographers who were quite literally charging double or triple the cost of her services! The photos were lovely, even when she was tasked with herding cats... Calla was completely averse to smiling on this day, and our nephew also felt disinclined to even look at the camera! Nevertheless, she got a few winning shots and we all had a nice time with her. Although she does not have a website, here is a link to her Flickr page and email is

Ok, getting to the end of spending all your money?? Jason and I did also manage to take a snorkeling cruise to the Molokini Crater. With Grammy and Grampy in town, we were able to take a trip without the kids. We went out of our way to book the shortest trip we could, even though there were more exciting trips - since we did not want to overdo our free babysitting. Well, due to low booking, we were automatically upgraded to the two stops + breakfast and barbecue for lunch + $1 Mai Tais. Jason unfortunately did not benefit from any of the food or drink offerings due to motion sickness, but I thought it was all very nice. We booked through Boss Frogs which was fine. The best part was that we paid HALF of what everyone else paid for the same thing. Also, for the ladies (and my male friends who also appreciate another fine looking man)... the crew on the Quicksilver were absolutely delightful (both in personality, and in well, in a shirtless capacity).

Ok... I have spent enough money now... so my next installment shall be much shorter and include our favourite beaches and places. They probably still cost money, but what else do we do on vacation? 

The cost of a family photographer in Maui... $300-1200... the cost of catching Cecilia first steps on a beautiful beach in Maui... Priceless!!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. Ohh, remembered another couple yummy restaurant in Kihei... Cafe O'Lei was extra yummy with pretty much outstanding service... went there with the inlaws and it was really tasty. Also, Kihei Caffe for breakfast... the guy behind the counter was super and the food was ok too. Quick service, but don't expect to linger over breakfast since the place is so busy and they need you to move it for other people to be seated.