Monday, September 10, 2012

Snorkeling, Sand and Sunsets

So, we have now been in Maui for 3 weeks. It is obscene really... but we are still having an amazing time. We really do spend almost every day at the beach... but needless to say today involved a couple of firsts at the beach today!

First off... I FINALLY got to swim with a sea turtle. I mean, I can spot a sea turtle from a nautical mile, but it turns out every time I try to get in and be in the water when one has been spotted, I am perpetually 5 minutes and 50 meters too late. I was starting to take turtle shyness personally. In fact, even today, we arrived at the beach and I plunged into the water and headed straight for the open ocean where I spotted a cluster of snorkelers, only to be vastly disappointed by a mere rainbow of beautiful fishes (tongue in cheek of course)... but I have SEEN the fishes (heck, we actually went to the Aquarium the other day)!! Needless to say, I come sloshing in from my adventure to see Jason and Calla pelting down the beach to where 2 turtles have been hanging out. I am left holding the bag (quite literally, the bag with our money and camera and keys) and the baby, while Calla and Jason plunge in with the turtles. Happily, they return a few minute later and Calla and I were able to go see the turtles AND I was even able to swim with them.

Now, on that note, Calla was wearing her lifejacket during this fiasco... and I did have on the snorkel and mask... so when the turtle started swimming, I literally grabbed Calla by the handle and started swimming after him. Out. Into the sea. Deep.

Now I am a pretty good swimmer... but in my turtle chasing frenzy, I failed to notice just how far I dragged us out. Well, Calla is a brave kid... and happily swam through the chop with me while I pursued the turtle. It was awesome. My kid is awesome. I am happy.

The funny thing is... we actually came close to a boat. Calla immediately became disinterested in the turtle and started asking about the boat.

"Why is that boat there?"
"What is that boat doing?"
"Does that boat have a kitchen?" - to this I say "HUH?" I don't even think Calla has ever been on a boat... what makes her think there is a kitchen.

Anyway, the second first of the day was that we actually went to watch the sunset. Now that we are parents... we are generally quite dull... we get home every night close to suppertime and have been extremely consistent about having the kids upstairs and in bed by 7pm. Since sunset is at 6:33, we have generally just been catching it out the window of our lanai (aka balcony for those who don't speak Hawaiin). Either way, we had early dinner and slipped out across the street to the beach to watch the sunset. As with so many things in Hawaii, it was amazing. Really... wow.

I would like to say it was serene and tranquil scene of us being in the moment... but, Calla was trying to get us to build sandcastles, and Cecilia was tapped in to her inner baby turtle and was perpetually crawling at top speed to the waters edge, ready to launch herself into the sea. Either way, it was beautiful and I could not have been watching it with three more special people.

One last note on sand. After a full day on the beach, I would just like to state that everyone in the house has sand on every inch of their person. I mean, even after all my years of working as a lifeguard in the City of Dartmouth... I never remember being this sandy. Ever. In my toes, my ears, my nostrils. It is completely inappropriate. And for the record, there is no such thing as rinsing of sand in the ocean... I think it actually causes the sand grains to multiply. Sand. Everywhere you don't want it to be!

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