Monday, September 17, 2012

Ready to Come Home Yet?

Hells No.

A quick question Jason posed over the dishes this afternoon, and I gotta be honest, I am not ready to come home. I know there are vacations that you feel ready to come home from, but as of today, this is not a feeling I have. Aside from missing the pooch, I am happy to keep hanging out here in Maui indefinitely. I apologize to friends and family, not trying to be offensive, just saying that this place is really and truly wonderful.

Well, with the in-laws in town, we have gone out to repeat a few adventures. We actually got up at 3:30 in the morning AGAIN, and climbed about 10000 feet AGAIN, and went to the somewhat unlucky Haleakala Summit to watch the sunrise (need I remind my readers of the lost car key fiasco from a couple weeks ago). Well, it was beautiful... AGAIN... and I admit I have more happy memories of the place now too.

We also decided to do the Road to Hana again, but this time we rented a Jeep Soft Top and drove the entire route with the roof down. We fondly named our Jeep "Black Stallion" and actually took the dicey section of highway by the south end of the island. It really was a single lane in both directions with NO barrier to the giant cliffs over the side to the ocean. It was spectacular. We also skipped Hana - since the journey is the road, not the destination in this case.

We have been to Lahaina several times, and on our last drive through, we stumbled upon the Maui Jim corporate headquarters. I have been raving about how awesome my turtle spotting sunglasses are, so we popped our heads in the building to chat with the lady. She turned out to be the cleaning lady, but was friends with the owner and assured us she would pass on the praise to the owner at church on Sunday. Well, wouldn't you know, the NEXT DAY, I was wiping off my lenses and the sunglasses actually snapped in HALF!! So disappointing. Anyway, we are planning a trip to the HQ again in the next couple days since they apparently do repairs. :)

Last, but not least, Jason and I were afforded the opportunity to go on a boat trip to the Molokini Crater... a renowned location for snorkeling. Grammy and Grampy and Auntie Kristine took the girls so we could have a little adventure. Well, we paid for the quick 2 hour trip and got the 5 hour tour instead, including a stop in Turtle Town, plus the crater, a tour around the southern tip of the island complete with Star Spotting (ie. the homes of David Bowie, Tiger Woods, Clint Eastwood and Michael Jordan among others). We did not actually see any of these people, but it was cool to know where they spend their free time! Oh, and the absolute icing on the cake... DOLPHINS!! I can't explain how magical those little cuties are. We even saw a baby dolphin... absolutely darling.  This excursion will be one we talk about forever.

Well, that sums up the last few days... we did come to the realization that we are a mere 11 days away from leaving Maui, but we will be moving to a new location in Kauai to complete the trip. I am sure it will offer new adventures and beauty in the very near future.

Cheers All!!

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